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Problems with Pet Odor? Need Stain Removal? We Can Help!

At ComfoClean, we understand that your pets are cherished members of the family. But we also recognize that they can make a big impact on the cleanliness of your Eastside home. That’s why our technicians are specially trained in the best processes for completely eliminating your pet’s stains and odors—because we’re about making your home more comfortable—not just covering up the problem with “perfume.”

The Many Causes of Pet Odors & Stains

Dander: Your pets don’t just shed hair; they also shed skin, which can work its way into the fibers of your carpets, fabric and upholstery, mattresses, and even your clothing. Since pet dander is one of the leading causes of allergic reactions, it’s important that it be professionally removed on a regular basis.

Natural Oils: Just as your skin naturally produces oils, so does your pet’s. Over time, this oil can accumulate on porous surfaces such as carpet and upholstery, and can give your home that distinct “dog or cat” smell. Over time, you may have become accustomed to the odor, but someone first entering your home will almost surely take notice. At ComfoClean, we’ve formulated a specially designed cleaning process that will leave your home fresh and clean, and your furry pal comfortable.

The Great Outdoors: Your pets love exercise almost as much as they love the great outdoors. But after romping around outside and getting into who-knows-what, they immediately come back inside, and promptly lay down on your carpets—or even worse, your expensive furniture. This soil then mixes with your pet’s natural oils, and creates a messy situation. Thankfully, ComfoClean has years of experience addressing the toughest pet stains. Find out which solution is right for you.

Urine: Whether you’re potting training your new puppy, or didn’t let your dog out in time, accidents happen. However, the natural acid contained in pet urine doesn’t just create odor problems, but can also damage flooring, or even cause health problems for your loved ones. If you have pet urine stains or odors in your home, delaying a professional cleaning might end up costing more than you bargained for.

Why Are Pet Odors & Stains So Difficult to Remove?

Once your pet’s urine begins to degrade, it releases mercaptan, which is the same chemical found in skunk spray. Unfortunately, by this point it usually means that the urine has penetrated several layers of your carpeting or upholstery’s surface, and can be a challenge to properly address.

When it comes to pet odor and stain removal, success rates depend heavily on the level of contamination. For instance, if your pet has repeatedly contaminated the same area, or if their urine has penetrated your carpet’s fibers or padding, it will be much more difficult to complete remove the stains and odors. In addition, it’s important to keep in mind that removing your pet’s stains may not remove the associated odors—in fact, it’s possible that odors may temporarily increase after treatment.

Because not all treatments can be guaranteed to completely remove the odor, let us give you a free quote, while also outlining what kind of results you can expect.

Pet Odor & Stain Removal Options

Depending on severity, there are two processes that ComfoClean uses to clean pet odors and stains:

Light Contamination:

If your pet has an occasional accident in your home, and your carpet’s backing and padding has not been saturated, ComfoClean’s Light Contamination process should work well for your needs. During this process, our specially trained technicians will:

  1. Identify all affected areas using ultraviolet lamps.
  2. Apply appropriate treatment to your carpet’s surface. Because your pets often track their mess to other areas, it may be recommended that the entire room be treated for maximum results.
  3. Use our powerful truck-mounted cleaning equipment to thoroughly rinse your carpet, while simultaneously extracting the embedded urine and soil.

The Light Contamination process is 50% successful at fully removing pet odors and stains.

Moderate Contamination:

ComfoClean’s Moderate Contamination process is intended for situations where your pet has had repeated accidents in the same spot, and/or your carpeting and padding have been saturated. While this process is not guaranteed to eliminate the odor, it does provide a much deeper clean, and can often prevent you from having to replace your expensive carpeting:

  1. Using high-powered ultraviolet lamps, all contaminated areas are located by our specially trained technicians.
  2. These areas are then saturated with a special cleaning solution that penetrates your carpets, as well as the padding. This way, we can get right to the source of the odor.
  3. Next, a special deep extraction tool called the Water Claw is used to remove the cleaning solution and urine.
  1. Finally, we’ll use our powerful truck-mounted cleaning equipment to thoroughly rinse your carpet, while simultaneously extracting any remaining urine and soil.

The Moderate Contamination process is 75-90% successful at fully removing pet odors and stains.

When You Need Pet Odor & Stain Removal, You Need ComfoClean

ComfoClean has been successfully removing pet odors and stains in Bellevue homes for years, which is why more residents turn to us than any other carpet cleaning company. Our quick results, all natural products, and highly trained technicians are here to make you more comfortable, while also maximizing value.

How Much Does Pet Odor & Stain Removal Cost?

There are a wide variety of factors that contribute to removal costs associated with pet odors and stains in your home. However, a typical price for pet odor and stain removal ranges between $50 and $500.

  • Light Contamination Treatment: $49.99 (up to 5 spots per room)
  • Moderate Contamination Treatment: $99.99 (up to 5 spots per room)

​These services only include spot contamination treatment and do not include our carpet cleaning services. For optimum results, you will most likely need to order our carpet cleaning services as well.

To get a better idea of how much a professional cleaning will cost, be sure to complete our easy online estimate and scheduling tool!

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