Carpet Cleaning Service - Teflon Protection

The Teflon Protection Difference

How Teflon Works

Produced by DuPont, Teflon acts as an invisible barrier between your carpet and the outside world, and provides many benefits for your carpet. Teflon’s primary benefit is that it repels dry soil, which can act like sandpaper and lead to premature wear and tear. It also helps your carpet repel liquid stains as well, and makes professional cleanings more effective. And best of all, Dupont Teflon is safe for all your family members, including pets.

Teflon protection

How Teflon is Applied, and What this Means for You

ComfoClean will professionally apply the Teflon spray to your carpets, which after it quickly dries, will create a powerful deterrent to nearly every type of dirt and liquid from attaching to the fibers. ComfoClean only uses original, high-quality DuPont Teflon, and recommends reapplication every six months to two years, depending on the level of traffic.

Once this occurs, your carpets will remain cleaner for twice as long, and will significantly prolong their lifespan, thereby saving you more of your hard-earned money.

Teflon Guarantee and Pricing

When ComfoClean applies DuPont Teflon to your carpets during your cleaning, we guarantee that no new permanent spots (e.g. ones that cannot be cleaned and will remain on the carpet forever) will appear for a full year. In other words, this means that when it comes time for your next annual professional carpet cleaning, we feel confident that we’ll be able to remove any stains that have occurred. And if we can’t, we’ll promptly refund the money you spent on the Dupont Teflon Protector (Note: The only exceptions to this guarantee are spots resulting from bleach, paint, acid, hair color, burns, and/or chemical dyes).

Teflon application is only included in the Premium package, though the service can be added to the Economy and Standard packages for an additional $20 per room.

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