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ComfoClean’s Half Price Program

Did you know that each square yard of carpet in your home can hold up to a pound of dirt? It’s true (and pretty gross when you think about it).

The Real Cost of Not Having Your Carpets Regularly Cleaned

What’s even worse—and what most people may not realize—is that the more dirt your carpet contains, the faster it will wear. In fact, by not regularly cleaning your carpets, you could be reducing its lifespan by 50% or more.

To put this in perspective: This means that although your carpet may be designed to last 7-10 years, you could find yourself replacing it in less than 5 years without regular cleanings.

The ComfoClean Half Price Program

At ComfoClean, we want to help you save money, which is why we’ve founded our Half Price Program.

Just like your car needs regular oil changes, your carpets need regular cleanings, and our Half Price Program can effortlessly help you achieve this, while also saving you money. How? Because, since follow up cleanings are easier to perform, we pass the savings on to you by offering 50% off all of your follow up cleanings!

Although the program is available only with the Standard and Premium packages, it is absolutely free to join and does not entail any membership fees, hidden charges, or monthly subscriptions. Also, appointments must be scheduled within 6 months of one another, which we will gladly take care of for you if you request to enroll in the program during your first appointment.

A Quick Recap – ComfoClean Saves You Time & Money

So, just to recap—the ComfoClean Half Price Program can help you:

  • Keep your carpets clean and your family happy and healthy all year long .
  • Avoid replacing your carpets twice as often, and save an average of $4,200 over the course of your carpet’s lifespan.
  • Never have to worry about scheduling follow up cleanings. We work around your schedule to meet your specific needs!
  • Save 50% on all your follow up cleanings.

Are You Finally Ready to Make Things Easier on Yourself?

If so—and you don’t mind saving a TON of money in the process—schedule your carpet cleaning appointment today and request your free membership in the ComfoClean Half Price program!

  • I never realized how dirty my rug was until Yuriy came to clean it. The difference was unbelievable. Now my rug looks like new again. They know exactly what kind of care my rug needed.

    Stacey C. – Seattle, WA
  • ComfoClean did a fantastic job with my carpet. They were timely, efficient and left my stained carpet looking practically new.

    Tim – Bothell, WA
  • They were polite and efficient and all stains were completely removed. I would use this company again and would recommend them to friends.

    John – Bellevue, WA

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Never fear! Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee is here to leave your carpets clear!

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