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4 Reasons Why You Need Regular Professional Steam Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning isn’t just about sanitation, it’s about creating comfort in your home. Sure, we could talk all day about the process, but what you want to know about is how a professional carpet cleaning can benefit you and your loved ones.

After hiring ComfoClean, you’ll achieve four primary benefits:

1. Healthier Indoor Air

Think about your carpet like a sponge. And just like any other sponge, it will soak up whatever it comes into contact with, including liquids, dirt, debris, allergens, odors, and a wide range of other types of contaminants. In fact, every time you walk on your carpet, you’re adding to the contamination, which can ultimately affect the health of other household members, including your pets. With ComfoClean though, you can breathe easy knowing that when your kids stretch out on the carpet in front of the T.V., they won’t be sharing the space with dust mites, pollen, bacteria, or any other harmful critters.

2. Longer Carpet Life

Does the thought of having to replace all your carpet make you weak in the knees? If so, you’re not alone. Carpet is often the most expensive furnishing in your home, and always represents a significant investment of time and energy. Because of this, professional carpet cleaning is of the utmost importance if you’re looking to maximize your carpet’s lifespan. Most manufacturers recommend having your carpet cleaned every six months to two years, depending on traffic patterns, as even regular traffic can “distort” or crush your carpet’s fibers, leading to premature wear. The good news is that professional steam carpet cleaning from ComfoClean can help slow this process, thereby allowing you to enjoy your carpets for as long as possible. 

Carpet Cleaning Equipment

3. A healthier, More Comfortable Home

Not only will a professional carpet cleaning help your home look and smell better, but it will actually make it more comfortable and healthier by significantly reducing the amount of contaminants it holds. Because at ComfoClean, it’s ultimately not just about carpet cleaning, it’s about creating a safe, healthy indoor environment for you and your family.

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4. Warranty Validation

Did you know that most carpet manufacturers require regular, professional carpet cleaning and protection in order to validate your warranty? While this is admittedly an often-overlooked aspect of carpet cleaning services, it’s nevertheless true. Most manufacturers will require that your carpets undergo professional cleaning anywhere from every 12-18 months, otherwise your warranty may be voided in the instance of a claim. In order to verify how often your carpet should cleaned, be sure to read through your warranty brochure provided during installation. Alternately, you can call ComfoClean and we’ll be happy to help you figure it out.

Frequency of Carpet Cleaning

In order to keep your carpets looking their best, we recommend using the table below to give you a better idea how often they should be cleaned:

Frequency of Carpet Cleaning

The ComfoClean Cleaning Difference, and What it Means for You

Unlike most other carpet cleaning companies who make promises but don’t deliver, ComfoClean fully stands behind all our products and services—so much so that we provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee on everything we do. This means that if you’re not completely satisfied with our work, we’ll re-clean the problem area for free within 30 days. If you’re still not pleased, we’ll then promptly refund your money.

Our local, family-owned and operated business uses only the best carpet cleaning equipment and the safest cleaning products, which will leave you and your loved ones with the most hygienic carpet possible. We’re fully licensed, insured, and bonded, and you can count our more than a decade of experience to get the job done right, on time and on budget.

What’s more, our up-front pricing means that you’ll never have to worry about hidden charges, and our intense focus on providing you with the best carpet cleaning services around means that our courteous staff will always have the utmost respect for your property, as well as for the confidentiality of your personal information.

Our Equipment

Did you know that up to 50% of your carpet cleaning’s effectiveness depends solely on equipment? In other words, no matter how experienced your carpet cleaning professional may be, or how good their chemicals are, if they’re using low-grade equipment, you’re basically just throwing half your money out the window. And when you consider that each square yard of carpet in your home can hold up to a pound of dirt, this can add up to a lot of missed contaminants.

Carpet Cleaning Equipment

As a result, ComfoClean uses the industry-leading Titan 875, which is the leading equipment recommended by the Carpet and Rug Institute. This truck-mounted steam cleaning system heats water up to 270 degrees… Learn more

Rug Cleaning

Even though your rugs, whether large or small, can be moved throughout your home, they are just as susceptible to dirt and grime accumulation as your carpet. To prevent premature wear and tear, and to make sure your rugs are as hygienic as possible, it’s a good rule of thumb to have them cleaned as frequently as your carpet. 

Organic Cleaning Service

Are you looking to have all the benefits provided by traditional carpet cleaning chemicals, but are concerned about the health and safety of not only your family, but for the environment as well?

If so, ComfoClean’s full line of natural, organic shampoos and chemicals are just what you’ve been looking for. These cleaning agents are fruit and vegetable-based, such as… Learn more

DuPont Teflon Protection

While DuPont Teflon provides many benefits for your carpet, its primary advantage is that it helps repel dry soil, which can act like sandpaper and lead to premature wear and tear. ComfoClean only uses original, high-quality DuPont Teflon, and recommends reapplication every six months to two years, depending on the level of traffic.

Teflon also helps your carpet repel stains, makes professional cleanings more effective. In fact, with the addition of Teflon, we guarantee our carpet cleanings for a full year… Learn more

  • I never realized how dirty my rug was until Yuriy came to clean it. The difference was unbelievable. Now my rug looks like new again. They know exactly what kind of care my rug needed.

    Stacey C. – Seattle, WA
  • ComfoClean did a fantastic job with my carpet. They were timely, efficient and left my stained carpet looking practically new.

    Tim – Bothell, WA
  • They were polite and efficient and all stains were completely removed. I would use this company again and would recommend them to friends.

    John – Bellevue, WA

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Never fear! Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee is here to leave your carpets clear!

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