What to Do Between Carpet Cleanings

What to Do Between Carpet Cleanings

A professional carpet cleaning helps remove dry soil from deep within your carpeting, which can not only help keep your home bright and comfortable, but it can also significantly reduce wear and tear on your expensive investment. While many manufacturer’s warranties will require that your carpets be cleaned at least once every two years, most professionals recommend about once per year—more often for areas of your home that are subject to heavy traffic.

However complicated it may seem, we’ve compiled the following three tips to help keep your carpet spotless in between professional cleanings:

1. Vacuum Regularly:

Because vacuuming helps remove harmful dry soil, which acts as an abrasive against your carpet’s fibers, it’s recommended that this be done at least once or twice per week. Remember: Dry soil is not typically visible to the naked eye, so it’s important to vacuum before your carpets actually appear soiled.

Also, be sure to remove debris such as food, leaves, insects, markers and crayons, etc., as these can easily leave a stain on your carpet if not immediately attended to.

2. Immediate Spot Removal:

If you notice that a spot has appeared on your carpeting, immediately treating it—and treating it correctly—are the keys to success. While most new carpets can be treated with plain tap water, older carpets and tougher stains will need to be treated with a professional-grade spot cleaner.

It’s important to understand that most over-the-counter spot cleaners have a tendency to be “over-soapy,” meaning they create too many suds, which can cause your carpets to yellow. With this in mind, foam carpet cleaners are generally not ideal, nor are any spot treatments not specifically intended for carpeting.

When applying spot cleaner, never do so directly onto your carpet. Instead, add a minimal amount to a white terry cloth, and rub both sides together so that it soaks into the material. Then, gently rub into your carpeting until fully coated. If you notice that the area keeps re-soiling, or that it never disappears in the first place, call a professional carpet cleaning company like us. We’ll be happy to help.

3. Check Your Warranty:

Most stain-resistant carpet manufacturers provide warranties that range anywhere from five to 25 years, though all of them will require cleanings and spot treatments ever 12-18 months. If you fail to do this, you could be putting your warranty in jeopardy.

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